Dr. Katherine Dunne
Professional Affiliations
• 2006 Graduate of Augustana College
• 2011 Graduate of Illinois College of Optometry
   Iowa Optometric Association
• Specialties: Primary Care Optometry

With a rich experience spanning over 12 years, Dr. Dunne is an alumnus of both Augustana College and the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Dunne is deeply committed to maintaining the trust and integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, a value we hold paramount in our practice.
Dr. Margaret Phillips
Professional Affiliations
Iowa Optometric Association
American Optometric Association
American Optometric Association Contact Lens Section
• 2002 Graduate of Augustana College
• Doctor of Optometry from Illinois College of Optometry
• Special concentration in Children's Vision and Contact Lenses

Dr. Phillips has enjoyed practicing at Lifetime Eyehealth Associates since 2006. She actually began her career here working as a technician while still in optometry school. Dr. Phillips is passionate about her patient's vision and considers it a privilege to care for your precious gift of sight.

She enjoys providing patient specific education to protect your eyes and improve visual performance. Her primary focus is your best vision for a lifetime.
Dr. Dan L. Stadelman
Professional Affiliations
Iowa Optometric Association - past board of trustees
American Optometric Association
American Optometric Association Contact Lens Section
American Optometric Association Glaucoma Section
International Society of Refractive Surgery
• 1979 Graduate of Augustana College
• 1984 Graduate of Illinois College of Optometry
• Special concentration in Children's Vision and Contact Lenses
• In Private Optometric practice since 1985
• One of the first Optometrists in Iowa to be certified to prescribe therapeutic pharmacuetical agents for the treatment of eye diseases.

To Dr. Stadelman, patient education is one of the most important things. He spends a lot of time talking to his patients about their eyes, their visual system, and disease processes or preventative care, so that his patients truly understand what is happening with their, or their children's eyes.
Seeing 2020 doesn’t mean you or your eyes are healthy.
You may not know this, but a comprehensive eye health exam can detect diseases like Glaucoma and Diabetes, that not only affect your eyes but overall health. Many systemic issues with your health are first detected in your eyes. We can detect even the smallest changes in your vision and eye health. Our diagnostic equipment helps us ascertain your risk factors for many debilitating eye and body diseases which, with early detection, may be managed.
The decision to maintain excellent health can only begin with you!
We never take for granted that you have placed your confidence in us. Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as unique individuals has been integral to our success. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care.

Lifetime Eyehealth Associates offers complete eye care that includes comprehensive eye examinations, emergency eye care and routine eye care for various eye problems like dry eye, eye allergies and treatment of eye diseases including pink eye, eye infections, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and more.
Our frame selections features leading designers from around the globe and the latest in lens technology.
Optical Boutique
Regardless of your visual needs, you should not have to compromise expressing your style and fashion for visual functionality. We will work with you to find that perfect pair. We feature the latest fashion eyewear from around the world. We have ophthalmic lenses, special lens treatments, scratch resistant and glare free lenses and special 'Blue-light' lenses that protect your eyes. We also feature a large selection of non-prescription designer sunglasses and reading glasses.

Contact Lenses
Even though we specialize in 'Hard-to-fit' contact lenses, we also offer contact lens fitting for all types of contact lenses such as soft, toric, disposable and non-disposable contact lenses, rigid gas permeable contacts as well as contact lenses for special purposes or conditions. For those that need contact lenses for far and near vision, we have you covered! We have multifocal soft and gas permeable multifocal lenses. We also carry the latest hybrid contact lenses and scleral lenses for difficult to fit corneas. For those who want to enhance or change their eye color, we have many colored contact lens options from gently enhancing the color of your eye to changing the color of your eye.
Lifetime Eyehealth Associates
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